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Become really empowered by taking charge of your health right now!

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Experience greater mental clarity
Enjoy plenty more physical energy
Build a strong immune system
Share more joy and happy moments with your loved ones

My love of food and cooking comes from being brought up by a French and Mediterranean family of great cooks, especially the grandmas.
My life has truly transformed through all that I  have learned and by taking 100%
responsability for my life…

My passion for a wholesome healthy living was born out of years of feeling ill, depressed and profoundly disconnected. All due to a long term undiscovered underactive thyroid. This was about 15y ago, and I know it’s the case for so many of you guys out there.
Feeling so desperately ill and having to look after my young children at the time sparked a deep desire in me to want to feel better and be able to fully enjoy my life,
so I hit the road on a deep inner revolution journey and have never looked back.
I understood that my state of being was related to my diet and lifestyle and decided to do a lot of research, read a lot of books. I saw many practitioners, allergy specialists, nutritionists, holistic doctors.I became a vegetarian, tried a high protein diet and food combining. I started to feel better and decided that it was going to become my life path and my way of repaying my debt of gratitude . I studied nutrition and fitness so I would be able to help others.

I more recently became a reconnective healing practitioner which compliments well what I do.
Alongside the scientific stuff I also went on a spiritual journey and through praying and meditation I was able to reveal my wisdom and make the right decisions for my health.
If I was able to achieve this huge transformation I know you can too.

During the initial consultation I will take an in-depth case history :
Presenting symptoms
Top to bottom tour of how your body feels
Looking at your life since birth until the present
Health of Parents and Grand parents and other relatives
Finally we will look at your diet

At the end of the first session we will be able to recognise patterns and understand how to help you with a personalised programme that we will develop over the next few sessions.


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