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I have been following a wheat gluten dairy and sugar free diet for many years now and have felt much better for it.
Many of us become intolerant to these most common foods without even realising it undermining our digestive system.
An unhealthy gut can often be the start of major immune-related diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and so on.
This is why my menus are wheat ,gluten and sugar free and it can also be dairy free if you choose.

Chicken soup with noodles
Butternut squash soup
Sprouted seed & avocado quinoa salad
Sweet potato frittata
Goat cheese and beetroot salad
Sundried tomatoes Humous and crudite
Chicory salad with blue cheese and walnuts
Watercress & chickpea soup
3 Herbs quinoa salad
Carrot & beetroot salad
Baby spinach with feta cheese & almonds
Beetroot dip with yogurt and lettuce

Stuffed peppers with short grain brown rice and vegetables
Warm chicken liver salad
Thai green curry and brown rice
Baked aubergine with quinoa herbs almonds and yogurt
Fish cakes in tomato sauce
Lamb-stuffed courgettes with pomegranate & coriander
Brown rice mushroom risotto
Simple salmon with coconut & coriander
Chicken and noodle stir-fry with cashews & broccoli
Chick-pea and ratatouille stew
Slow cooked chicken with lemon and olives
Root vegetables & lentil bake

Apple crumble
Baked pears with dark chocolate and almonds
Fresh fruit salad
Pancakes with stewed apple, cinamon and custard
Ginger pear flan
Apple pie pecan crust
Chocolate cake


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